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Dec 23, 2012 3:30pm PST
? i'm going to find my client, and when i'm done with him, he's going to be begging to go early. listen to yourself. you had human feelings once, but now you're just a monster. is this who you want to be for all eternity? i used to dream of meeting the first collector. now listen to you. you've gone soft. what was it that made you lose your edge, hmm? was it that girl at the restaurant? oh, it was her, wasn't it? hmm. that's your weakness, women. first, that german girl, katrina, and now the waitress. this isn't about me. hmm, but it is, morgan. you've lost your way. you've become distracted from your destiny by a girl, a puny little mortal girl. you're kidding yourself, morgan. if she finds out who you are, she goes straight to hell. you can never have her... but you can have me. we're like gods, morgan, and gods get lonely. this is what i still feel. this is what's human about me. pym-- is that your real name? i get a new one every time he moves me. hmm. gervais... mine's gervais. i haven't said that name aloud in... almost 60 years. [ door opens ] [ cellphone ringing ] morgan
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
] i beg pardon sir but perhaps you prefer to come back tomorrow. evidently his honor is unavoidably detained. i'll wait. yes sir [music] [music] you happy darling. yea but i am scared too. of what? i don't know. i've never been scared of nothing in all my life. dr higgins says your. nah it ain't nothing the doctor knows about, something i can't figure out myself. except maybe cause i found something i never had before something i want to hold on to. a place like this a feeling of quiet inside a new slant on things. ah i don't know -i'm talking screwy. no you're not, it makes me so happy to hear you talk like that. happy? fred i am beginning to find you again. [music] ah honey i'm all mixed i can't. you see i made a deal, well how could i know that i meet up with a girl like you. i rather cut my arm off than hurt you. [music] i like to puzzle it out for just a couple of minutes myself. its alright darling. [music] [music] [dramatic music] that was a very touching scene. what are you gum-shoeing around for. i have some nice news for you, do you remember i promised that if you'd help m
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am PST
tell this copper who i am. i beg your pardon. huh, what's this do you know this man i've never seen him before in my life. humph barbara please don't do this to me. you'll have to file a complaint lady. alright. barbara wait let me talk to you, alone just for a few minutes. this may mean everything to you, to your future please. barbara there's certain things i can't tell you because i know you won't believe it. but you got to believe this, for the first time i can remember. i am trying to do something for somebody else with out caring what happens to me. i was beginning to change, do ya understand. you've done it, don't spoil it now don't let me down for your own sake. for the sake of them kids which is gonna sleep in that nursery you were telling me about. fred you said something about making a deal, alright i want you to make a deal with me. i'll get you out of here if you'll go with me to a minister and marry me right now. but i can't i. take it up eddie, then you can finish what you started out to do. alright i'll marry you. [music] [music] hey nick you're going in the wrong direct
Dec 31, 2012 3:00am PST
. where's his duds? i beg pardon. his duds-- his rags-- clothes! whose clothes sir? the judges i got to get dressed and get to st louis quick. what am i a judge or an undertaker? ain't he got nothing with fancy strips? fancy strips? ah never mind i'll wear one of these. alright you double-crosser i'm coming for you. here you are sir. what are you gonna do? help you into them sir. scram! but sir i scram! yes sir. [door opens] hello miss barbara this is albert. i don't wish to alarm you but the judge is definitely not himself this morning. i'm terribly worried about it. oh that'll be splendid and do hurry please thank you. hey you you! yes sir. get me a ticket on the next plane to st louie. but you you i. you work here don't you? really sir? do you! for a good many years. well get it. but your appointment sir. i got an appointment in st louie which comes first. but plane reservations are hard to get especially on such short notice. okay then call the airport and get me a special plane all to myself. come on. hey i'll need some dough, is there any around? why in the usual place. don't g
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
it girlfriend. >> i was going to a wedding. she was begging me to shave the mustache. >> reporter: but then bounced right back. >> as soon as i shaved it, i started growing it again. went into power mode, overdrive, trying to put row gain in it, do whatever to make it worth. >> reporter: so hats off, or at least hair off, as the men of survey monkey get smooth again, helping other men get healthy. in palo alto, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> what a great cause. >> funny. >>> let's bring in jeff ranieri, chief meteorologist working overtime for all of us here. >> lots of water today. let's get a look today, the storm we had today is now moving off to the south. we're getting a much-needed little break tonight we still have showers we're tracking and also winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. but the worst is over for today. that's the good news. speaking of today, let ace get a look at some of totals. the max rainfall totals across the bay area, venado in the north bay, in the western hills, you picked up over 8 inches, nrth bay hills overall 5 to 8, santa cruz mountai
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
. door> i beg your pardon. oh, effie, we have a visitor. do come in. oh thank you. do you always welcome masked men with such open arms? why shouldn't we? you have an honest chin. besides, we always say it's a man's own business to choose what he wants to wear. i wish more people thought that way. the reason i'm here... oh effie, the man looks hungry. offer him some soup. thank you very much. i'd like to stay but i haven't time. you see i'm trailing a man who just stopped here. i thought he might have harmed you. that nice man? he wouldn't harm a fly. i'm afraid he would, ma'am. he happens to be an escaped convict. oh he couldn't be. why all he wanted was some food for his journey. did he drop a hint as to where he was headed? not a word, mister, and we're not the ones to pry. then i better be after him, fast. oh, before you leave... i'm sorry, i really can't stay. oh yes you can. reach. drop them guns. easy. oh thank goodness you got back. we were afraid we couldn't hold him for you. you done fine ladies, just fine. you're even lower than i thought you were dooley: taking
Dec 1, 2012 5:00am PST
! oh, my gosh! it begs the question, lester, at what age did you go through that sn phase? >> i think he realized he's seeing double. >> and it's not just the candy. >> at the end, it looked like he was doing one of these, like he wanted to make sure he got the reverse. >> there were follow-up questions. you wanted to take the whole thing in. >>> finally, when you think of popular duets, sonny and cher, barbra streisand and neil diamond, captain and tenille. until these. a baby and his husky. [ baby and dog howling ] [ laughter ] >> some people actually think that the husky is saying please make this baby stop crying. if you listen carefully, it's what you're hearing, you may actually be able to hear him say that. absolutely priceless. >> the husky holds the note for a long type. >> what other kmochoice did the husky have? >> there's some people camped outside because they'll be performing on the plaza. so there are already some people in line. >> the baby doesn't understand that huskies don't normally do this walking down the street on a daily basis. the baby is like you don't sound
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
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Dec 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
'm having the tuna fish on focaccia and it's my favorite lunch. i begged my parents to stop here because i love the sandwhiches and it's better than my mom's sandwiches which i usually eat, so. besides beating out mom's sandwiches, soda canyon store serves up mexican fare and fruit smoothies. last but not least, dinner in napa at "pizza azzurro. the pizza oven turns out pies topped with seasonal, locally grown produce for ten to fourteen bucks a pop take note though, the chef's got just one meat pizza on the menu. if you want the meat lovers you can go somewhere else, if you want to come and have beautifully cooked spinach with ricotta cheese, then you can come here. they may encourage you to "eat more pie" here but there are lots of other choices, too. for example, piping hot dough topped with salad is called "manciata," one of the local favorites. i love it because if you're all watching your calories or your fat intake, no cheese. another classic is the restaurant's famed tuna and garbanzo bean salad. the thing about his salad is the salad dressing, he won't tell us what it is, but its
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)